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Jimmy Jib on Rent Mumbai

Feel the strength,rigidity and smothness of the Jimmy Jib on Rent Mumbai

    • Our proprietary triangular,aluminum tubing has super rigidity, yet is very lightweight
    • Can be extended from a reach of 6ft (1.8m) to an incredible 40ft (12m)
    • Pack up to an incrediby small 3ft 10 in package
    • Can handle camers up to 50lbs. (22.6kg) at 30ft (9.1m) reach
    • Our super smoth,pan/tilt head is fast, quiet and has zero backlash.
    • The single post head design allows almost unlimited access to the camera, making it easy to get to the eyepleace or change film
    • The tumbing is joined together with our proprietary, tapered, locking system.This helps eliminate flex at the joints.
    • Routing the electronic cable internally allows multiple 360’s without the use of unreliable slip rings.
    • A simple, single cable eliminates the need for a heavy,complicated tie rod system.
    • Fits easily into small pickups and mini vans
    • Head can be mounted on top or underslung
    • Sets up quickly with only one tool
    • Option Dutch Roll
    • Standard Jib Shown (6 ft reach, 1.8m)

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