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Jimmy Jib

A “Jimmy Jib” is a type of camera crane system used in the film and television industry to capture dynamic and sweeping camera movements. It is named after its inventor, Jimmy Fisher, who developed the system in the late 1970s.










Experience the Superior Performance of Our Jimmy Jib Rentals

Our Jimmy Jib stands out for its exceptional strength, rigidity, and smooth operation. Here are some key features of our top-tier Jimmy Jib rentals:

  • Triangular Aluminum Tubing: Our proprietary triangular aluminum tubing offers remarkable rigidity while remaining incredibly lightweight.
  • Impressive Reach: Extendable from a minimum of 6 feet (1.8 meters) to an astounding 40 feet (12 meters), providing flexibility for various shooting scenarios.
  • Compact Packaging: When not in use, it can be packed into an astonishingly compact 3 feet 10-inch package for easy transportation and storage.
  • Heavy Camera Support: Capable of handling cameras weighing up to 50 pounds (22.6 kilograms) even at a 30-foot (9.1 meters) reach.
  • Smooth Pan/Tilt Head: Our super-smooth pan/tilt head operates swiftly, quietly, and with zero backlash, ensuring seamless camera movement.
  • Accessible Design: The single-post head design allows nearly unrestricted access to the camera, simplifying tasks like adjusting the eyepiece or changing film.
  • Secure Tubing Connection: The tubing is securely joined using our proprietary tapered locking system, minimizing flex at the joints.
  • Internal Cable Routing: Internal cable routing enables multiple 360-degree rotations without relying on unreliable slip rings.
  • Simplified Cable Setup: A single cable setup eliminates the need for a bulky and complicated tie rod system.
  • Transport Convenience: Easily fits into small pickups and minivans for hassle-free transportation.
  • Fexible Mounting: The head can be mounted on top or underslung, providing versatility in shooting angles.
  • Efficient Setup: Quick setup with just one tool ensures minimal downtime on your production set.
  • Optional Dutch Roll: Explore the option for Dutch Roll to add even more creativity to your shots.

Displayed here is our standard Jimmy Jib with a 6-foot reach (1.8 meters), but our range extends to cater to various shooting needs. Choose our Jimmy Jib rentals for superior performance and unmatched versatility in your productions.



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