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Touch Screen



 So, how does this all work?


1. Our Touch Screens are specially designed commercial grade ViewTV LED/LCD displays with built in touch sensors and Touch PC’s running a range of operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC OS, Android, Linux or a custom OS specified by you. 2. The touch content can be designed by is for your exact requirements or use the built in web browsers, media players and full operating system features. 3. Content can also be remotely managed via our “Playlist Server” Central Management Software using a web browser over a Network, Internet or USB connection.


Interact & Engage Today people not only want Touch Screen technology to help, inform and educate them, they demand it! Touch Screens are now a part of society and is here to stay. Unlimited Applications & Features Utilizing our Touch Screens and thought out custom designed Touch Screen software, you can run unlimited applications to achieve unlimited results. Users can simply navigate at their own leisure to pages within pages through content after content. Touch Screens are the most flexible device ever invented with endless possibilities.


Remote Content Management As well as onsite USB content updates, you can remotely time schedule and manage your display or entire network of displays from anywhere in the world. Instantly update content, influence purchase decisions and effectively inform or engage with your target audience.

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